About us

Our woods and forests give us the air we breathe, medicines, heat and shelter, and so much more. We have a wonder product – wood. Beautiful, strong, reliable, warm. It has always provided us with houses and heat, now it’s also fuelling our factories, cars and trucks. And it will keep growing long after we run out of coal, gas and oil. Its production can be environmentally friendly, truly sustainable. Rural communities benefit from the economic impacts of timber production, from forest recreation, from attractive, productive landscapes, and so much more.

Our woods and forests have the most incredible story.  

The forestry communicator’s task is to tell that story, compellingly, loudly, effectively.

But this can be a formidable challenge, especially where skills and capacity may be lacking.

Our workshops are designed to encourage:

  • professional forestry communications
  • improved stakeholder dialogue
  • clearer understanding and critical analysis of issues
  • forging mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships
  • effective communication strategies and plans

Our team and our associates bring many decades of experience in broadcasting; corporate, commercial and government communications; strategy development; brand management and marketing to the task. Most of this in the complex forestry context.


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