The Team

Kai_LintunenKai Lintunen

Kai is International Communications Manager for the Finnish Forest Association – the body that represents Finnish private forest owners. He has been a passionate forest communicator for more years than he can count and has championed forestry around the globe.

Kai is also Deputy Leader of the FAO/UNECE Team of Forest Communicator Specialists, or Forest Communicators Network (FCN).

Maria DeCristofaro

Maria De Cristofaro

Maria De Cristofaro is Outreach and Capacity Building Officer for the Forestry Department of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Since 2011 she has been instrumental in the creation of  of five Regional Forest Communicators Networks in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Mediterranean and the Near East, and Latin America and the Caribbean. She has continued to lend her support for their subsequent growth, including the development of numerous capacity-building and training sessions for the networks across the world. She has also coordinated communications and outreach for the International Day of Forests and other major forestry events, including the XIV World Forestry Congress. Before joining FAO, Maria worked in media for many years with various television broadcasters and as a special correspondent at the Los Angeles Times.

Ingwald Gschwandtl

‘The forest sector has long been at the forefront of defining sustainability and putting it into practice. This is a story to be incredibly proud of and we need to tell it better, louder, larger. Joining forces across country borders gives us a stronger voice and wider outreach’ says Ingwald Gschwandtl, Leader of the FAO/UNECE Forest Communicators Network and Director of ForestPolicy and Information in the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, Austria

Colin Morton

Colin MortonColin was communications manager at the UK Forestry Commission for 25 years before going freelance in 2017. During that time he has been an avid supporter and Deputy Leader of the FCN. He continues to lead ‘train the trainers’ sessions for forestry communicators, concentrating in particular on strategic communications. Colin has designed and helped deliver UN FAO sponsored workshops in Africa, Asia Pacific, Mediterranean Region, South America, Russia and Kyrgyzstan. Colin was an expert consultant on the first pan-European survey of public opinion of forestry: Shaping forest communication in the European Union, and Chair of the EU Working Group (and lead author) on the first Forestry Communications Strategy for Europe. Consultancy projects include work for the Government of Uganda; South African Government; FAO and UNECE.



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